protein id flowchart


In-solution/gel Digestion
Protein samples are digested with Trypsin/Lys-C or both

LC-MS/MS Analysis
Protein Identification is performed on an on-line reverse-phase nanoLC coupled to an Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer

Database search
The SEQUEST search engine is used to search the acquired MS/MS spectra, the resulting protein identifications are further validated using the Proteome Discoverer (PD) software.

Within the PD software, supplementary statistical analysis is applied to further validate the peptide identifications and assist in data interpretation process

Results Delivery
The results will be delivered to users as a PD results file

Please create an account at to download the 30-day trial version of the PD software

With the viewer, you will have access to all of the raw MS/MS spectra acquired for your sample as well as a report of all of the parameters used in the data analysis for potential publication

After 30 days the trial version will only act as a viewer of output files.