In-gel digestions are most successful with Coomassie stained gels. In cases where higher sensitivity is required, silver stain or Sypro Ruby can also be used. When doing silver staining, make sure to use a mass-spec compatible staining kit. Silver stained gel spots should be submitted in 1% acetic acid. Coomassie or Sypro Ruby gel spots may be submitted dry (dehydrated) or in de-staining buffer (some sample loss may occur over time). Please refer to the sample submission page for specific instructions on how to process and submit your samples for analysis. Our standard In-gel and in-solution digestion protocols include reduction and alkylation of cysteine residues followed by enzymatic digestion with trypsin. Alternative enzyme digestions can be performed if needed, please contact us directly to discuss the available options and pricing. Following enzymatic digestion, samples are purified and concentrated using C18 tips or spin filters.

Please contact PMcore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (852) 2831 5482  to consult which approach is compatible with for your research, and also for custom-made MS analyses for your compounds of interest. Pricing and scheduling will vary according to the complexity of analyses.