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Targeted Metabolomics

We provide MS-based targeted analysis for broad categories of metabolites (Detailed list: Download here).

  1. Fatty acids
  2. Amino acids and derivatives
  3. Tricarboxylic acids and Glycolysis intermediates
  4. Phosphate pentose pathway intermediates
  5. Bile acids
  6. Steroids
  7. Neurotransmitters


  • Full service include consultation, sample preparation, GC or LC-MS/MS based relative or absolute quantitation, and data analysis.
  • Sample preparation protocol will be decided based on sample type, for more details please go to our services -> sample requirements and platform applications.
  • We also offer targeted metabolite quantitation for analytes from our in-house metabolite library (Fiehn's metabolites) containing ~1400 compounds (Download here).
  • The possibility of metabolites for quantitation outside the above in-house library can also be discussed separately with core facility scientists.

Please contact PM core at (852) 2831 5486 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for project discussion and service quotation.


Targeted metabolite profiling workflow:

Full service package includes consultation, sample preparation, LC /and GC-MS/MS runs and data analysis

targeted metabolomics quantitation


Guaranteed Service

Quality Control:

  • We provide QC results upon request to demonstrate LC/GC & MS performance before project sample analysis.
  • We run QC samples between project sample runs to assess overall system performance to ensure data quality suitable for publication purpose.
  • We check criteria of standard calibration curves to ensure they are suitable for project sample quantitation.
  • We check criteria of project samples to ensure relative or absolute quantitation and confirmation are valid.


Injection type Purpose Criteria Limit
Standard Calibration R2 >0.99
Accuracy +/- 30%
Project Sample Quantitation % CV (Technical replicate) <20%
Signal / Noise >10
  Confirmation Retention time error against standard <0.2min
Ion ratio error against standard <20%


Criteria for standard calibration, sample metabolite quantitation and confirmation. More stringent limits are possible, subject to factors such as analyte concentration.