Thermo UltiMate 3000 BioRS System

  • System offers true bio-UHPLC capabilities with completely stainless steel-free flow path and newly developed, small particle and high-resolution bio-columns.
  • Near-zero dead volume, Viper connection technology preserves peak sharpness and resolution.
  • The wide flow-pressure range allows the BioRS system to handle complete development cycles—from small scale discovery to semi-preparative target component isolation and purification.




  • Low pressure pumps (LGP-3400RS), Up to 8mL/min. flow rate supports up to 100MPa (15000 psi/1000bar) backpressure
  • Mobile Phase pH and conductivity monitoring pH gradients (PCM-3000)
  • Solvent rack with integrated 2 degasser (SRD-3400)
  • Thermostatted and biocompatible autosampler (WPS-3000TBRS)
  • Thermostatted column compartment with up to two column switching valves (TCC-3000RS)
  • Variable wavelength, detectors
  • pH and conductivity monitoring
  • Fraction collector (AFC-3000)