• homogenizerPrecelly's CryoLys Homogeniser
    The Precellys® is a benchtop unit dedicated to grinding, lysis and homogenisation of biological samples. The Cryolys® is a patented cooling option that keeps temperature at approx. 4 °C during homogenisation using either liquid nitrogen or solid CO₂. It allows extraction of stable RNA and native-state proteins. 




  • spe manifold Phenomenex - Solid Phase Extraction Vacuum Manifold
    Vacuum Manifold automates the preparation and cleanup of laboratory liquid samples by solid phase extraction, critical for the removal of interfering chemicals, desalting and concentrating protein/peptide samples into MS compatible solvents.
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    Used with a vacuum pump, a manifold can extract up to 12 samples simultaneously, significantly increasing sample throughput while decreasing sample preparation hands-on time. Flow control valves can precisely manipulate flow through each tube and the disposable valve liners virtually eliminate contamination from one sample to the next.



  • tecanTecan - F200 Microplate reader
    The Tecan F200 is a user-friendly and affordable multimode reader. It can provide a full range of leading detection methods in one easy-to-use modular instrument, with filter-based technologies.
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    Users can select the desired modules to create the perfect reader for their needs, with the option to upgrade as requirements change. The Tecan F200 offers excellent sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities and high format flexibility, including 6- to 384-well microplates, PCR plates, cuvettes and Tecan’s patented NanoQuant Plate™ for low sample volumes.







benchtop pro

  • SP Scientific - Benchtop Pro Freeze Dryer
    Freeze-drying, or lyophilization is a technique used to remove water from frozen samples by directly turning ice into steam (via sublimation).
    Once freeze-dried, the desiccated samples are expected to be more stable, making long term storage easier. Potential applications include e.g. freeze-drying can be used to dry cells or biofluids before metabolite extractions.









  • Thermo Scientific- Reacti-Vap Evaporator

The Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator evaporates samples efficiently and with ease by delivering pressurized gas to samples in the Reacti-Therm module.

General sample incubation and evaporation in a variety of tube and vial sizes
Silylation, alkylation, and acylation derivatization reactions for GC sample preparation.