• Xcalibur

Xcalibur software is a flexible Windows-based data system that provides instrument control and data analysis for Lumos Tribid LC-MS/MS instrument.  


  • Proteome Discoverer 2.1

Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer software is a flexible, expandable platform for the analysis of qualitative and quantitative proteomics data. Outstanding sensitivity and the rapid growth of public databases have made mass spectrometry the primary method of identifying proteins in complex biological samples. It facilitates wide array of bio-software tools and customizable workflows for all the proteomics experiments.  


  • Sieve 2.2

SIEVE is an automated solution for the label-free, semi-quantitative differential expression analysis of proteins, peptides and metabolites. SIEVE performs differential analysis of sample populations; comparing LC/MSn spectra to find differentially expressed features. Using SIEVE software to pre-filter data greatly reduces the number of compounds that need to be identified, significantly increasing the throughput of complex biomarker discovery experiments. Combining SIEVE software with the unique analytical power of Thermo Scientific LC/MS systems creates complete solutions for biomarker discovery.